Distributor for Flowserve's Fluid Sealing Division

Flow Solutions Division
Flowserve Flow Solutions Division's mission is to be the world's premier provider of mechanical sealing solutions, providing you with a well balanced range of high quality products to satisfy all your mechanical sealing requirements.

Operating independently for over 8 decades,  BW Seals, Durametallic, Five Star Seal, Pac-Seal, and Pacific-Wietz seals have a long tradition of providing the Flow Solutions Division products trusted by the industry.  Flowserve FSD represents not only a collection of trusted products, but also a single global source that can reduce your total cost of ownership.
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Seal Selection
Carolina Seals can help you with your mechanical seal selection.  Whether you are replacing an existing Flowserve seal or looking for a replacement,  Carolina Seals has the experience to help recommend a quality Flowserve seal.

To faster serve you, please have as much information about your application as possible, including:  current seal information & part numbers, size shaft,  pump Mfg. and model numbers, and product information with temp. and pressures.
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